TRANSNET: Trainee Train Assistants



• Obtain and place hardware on prepare (± 15kg)

• Check and supplement recommended gear i.e. pantograph snare stick (± 5kg), jumper links (± 10kg) and so forth.

• Coupled train (numerous set) through air and vacuum hoses, jumper link and guarantee rectify working of programmed between trains


• Dispatch trains, working hand worked focuses

• Attached as well as confine vehicles as per works arrange without yard faculty (Equivalent of 45kg)

• Mount telemeters (where fundamental) i.e. mount (front unit = 5.17kg) (raise unit – 8.06kg)

• Remove and convey prepare pointers to last vehicle and mount (side and back markers) (± 10kg) Required to board vehicle to

impact appropriate mounting

• Examining of prepare as recommended



• Verbal trade of flag positions

• Observe continuing trains

• Patrol trains (strolling through passageways of electric trains utilizing expanded foot plate and hand rails at speeds up

to 40km/h; strolling on running leading body of diesel trains and venturing over to another train at speeds up to 40km/h;

manual working of circuit breakers while train is in movement)

• Protect prepare amid episodes, mishaps, and so forth.

• Be set up to walk moderately long separations to check prepare loads (day and night)

• Determine status of prepare, putting and securing of detonators on rail, showing hand signals day and night, strolling on

uneven ground, capacity to withstand common components.

• Assistance to Train Driver amid crises (in occasion of Driver inability to convey prepare to halt; strolling long separations to

report positions, and prerequisites)

• Attach/confine trucks according to works-arrange (manual use of hardware; remaining of vehicle strolling close by moving


• Obtain radios/handsets/two way correspondence radios/telemeters when appropriate (conveying of correspondence gear

also, put on footplate or mount on vehicle)


Prepare equipment

• Obtain radios/handsets/two way correspondence radios/telemeters when pertinent (conveying of correspondence hardware

furthermore, put on footplate or mount on vehicle)


Train movements

• Assist the Train Driver by applying hand brake

• Secure as recommended (applying hand brakes and setting of scotch squares in front wheels

• Store apparatuses and gear (expel unit box from train and store away)


Capabilities and Experience :

• Grade 12 with Mathematics

• At slightest 1,6 meters tall

• Visual sharpness

• Physically ready to lift and convey objects (be set up to be subjected to appraisal of physical capacities


Knowledge needed:

• Applications must have the potential and ascribes important to be prepared to effectively and wellbeing play out the assignment of a

Prepare Assistant and to be prepared as a Train Driver. Candidates should however process the accompanying:

o Psycho engine

o Depth Perception

o Communication (perusing, composed and verbal)


Behavioral Attributes:

• Safety cognizant

• Environmental mindfulness

• Conscientious


• Prepared to work extra time

• Prepared to work shifts

NB: The hopeful must meet the base natural wellbeing necessities of the activity.



How to Apply



Fax : 0117730778

The end date is on 08.12.2017. It is the duty of the candidate to guarantee that HR has gotten the application prior to the end date of the promotion.

Note: on the off chance that you have not been reached inside 30 days of the end date of this commercial please consider your application as unsuccessful. Any inquiries in regards to the application or enlistment process ought to be sent in writing to GRACE.FELBROOK@TRANSNET.NET. We ask every one of our representatives, customers, individuals from the general population and our providers to report any sort of extortion or debasement at Transnet. Call the hotline toll free number: 0800 003 056 or email


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